Emilio Florentine

Paintings by Emilio Florentine

A Visual Study of Chaos within Beauty

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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  4. Managing Director
Jersey City
Abandonded Murals
Professional Serigraphy  
Working out of the historic Tenmarc building Emilio creates canvases and serigraph editons.
Emilio is the  Co-Curator and Technical Consultant to the Jersey City Mural Arts Program. 
With the belief, that natural beauty is heightened during chaos, Emilio trudges into long forgotten buildings. He then finds the right surface feature to paint his exploding flowers.
While being an artist he has also maintained a successful screen printing business that provides fine art printing to both local and national artists.  This ability allows Emilio to produce his own professioanl serigraphs.

Upcoming Exhibitions

  1. SATURDAY: DEC 12, 2016
    Gigantic Miniature Extravaganza
    Group show that consists of works of 12" x12" or less. I will have 4 small canvases in the show.
  2. TBD, 2017
    Screen Printed Edition
    A new screen printed edition is in the works
Filmed by Serringe in the basement of the 660 Ramp in Jersey City