Emilio Florentine

Emilio Florentine


Natural beauty is heightened during chaos
Corey has been painting on the streets creating his vivid and beautiful murals for more than a

decade under the moniker “Emilio Florentine”. His paintings are based on the belief that

natural beauty is heightened during chaos. By using impressionist and surrealist techniques, he

exploits, tortures, and then paints his subject - the flower - at its tipping point. With a BFA from

the School of Visual Arts, NYC, Emilio’s involvement in the arts stretches back to when he was 4

years old, and intuitively realized that people enjoyed the things he drew. This immensely

positive feeling gave him the confidence to pursue art as a career. Emilio Florentine’s murals

can be seen from Puerto Rico to Los Angeles to NYC and Jersey City.

While being a successful artist, Emilio Florentine has also maintained a successful screen-

printing business that provides fine art printing to both local and national artists. He works one

on one with the artists to translate their ideas onto apparel and paper. Emilio (Corey Fleming) is

also the Creative Co-Curator and Technical Consultant to the Jersey City Mural Arts Program.

He joined the program specifically to lend his vast arsenal of street art know-how and expertise

to the team. He is extremely passionate in his goal to help support and encourage local artists.

Emilio has been instrumental in helping Jersey City establish itself as a street art mecca by

bringing in artists like WK Interact, Case MacClaim, Shepherd Fairey, and Finton Magee

amongst many others.